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Table 1 A summary of the series describing treatment of ODP-M with intravitreal gas injection

From: Optic disc pit maculopathy: when and how to treat? A review of the pathogenesis and treatment options

References No. of cases Technique Main results Complications
Lincoff et al. [52] 3 C2F6 gas injection (no laser) Initial improvement but later recurrence None
Akiyama et al. [53] 8 SF6 gas injection (no laser) 50% resolution of intra/sub-retinal fluids
More than 1 injection often necessary
Lei et al. [54] 8 C3F8 gas tamponade with laser photocoagulation 75% resolution of intra/sub-retinal fluids
VA improved in 7 eyes
  1. ODP-M optic disc pit maculopathy, VA visual acuity, C2F6 perfluoroethane, SF6 sulfur hexafluoride and C3F8 perfluoropropane.