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Table 2 A summary of the major published series of PPV treatments for ODP-M

From: Optic disc pit maculopathy: when and how to treat? A review of the pathogenesis and treatment options

References No. of cases PPV gauge Surgical technique Main results Complications
Taiel-Sartral et al. [64] 10 20 PPV+laser+gas VA improved in 90%
Mean VA improvement of 6.7 lines
Complete resolution in 70%
1 recurrence (10%)
García-Arumí et al. [67] 11 20 PPV+PVD+laser +gas 82% gained ≥2 lines of VA
Mean final VA 20/32
Complete resolution in all cases
2 recurrences (18%)
Hirakata et al. [37] 11 20 PPV+PVD+gas VA improved in 64%
Complete resolution 91%
Showed that laser may not be required for surgical success
1 patient developed a dense inferotemporal scotoma
1 patient developed an area of retinal atrophy
1 patient had an intraoperative retinal break, treated with laser
Ghosh et al. [71] 7 20 PPV+PVD+laser +gas 4 (57%) gained ≥2 lines of VA
4 (57%) required second procedure
Silicone oil was successful in a refractive case
1 patient developed postoperative glaucoma and cataract
Rizzo et al. [80] 10 23/25 PPV+PVD+ILMP +laser+gas 70% gained ≥2 lines of VA
Complete resolution in 50%
First report with small gauge PPV
1 complication—macular hole
Hirakata et al. [38] 8 20/25 PPV+PVD (no gas) VA improved in 7 (88%) eyes Complete resolution in 88%
Suggested that gas tamponade may be less important than induction of PVD
Shukla et al. [81] 7 23 PPV+PVD+ILMP +laser+gas 6 (86%) eyes gained ≥2 lines of VA
Final VA ≥20/30 in 5 (71%) eyes
4 eyes had full thickness macular holes at 1 month, but it closed in 3 of them
2 patients had transient elevated intraocular pressure
1 patient developed cataract
Avci et al. [83] 13 23 PPV+PVD+laser +gas 11 (85%) eyes gained ≥2 lines of VA
Final VA ≥20/40 in 6 (46%) eyes
Complete resolution in 92%
Suggests ILMP may not be required for surgical success
2 patients developed cataracts
Gregory-Roberts et al. [39] 9 N/A PPV+PVD+glial tissue removal+laser +gas Complete resolution in 8 (89%) eyes
Higher rate of complete resolution when glial tissue was removed over the pit
1 patient developed cataract
Ooto et al. [90] 18 25 PPV+intraretinal fenestration Complete resolution in 94%
VA improved in all eyes
11 (61%) eyes gained ≥3 lines of VA
Final VA ≥20/30 in 10 (56%) eyes
  1. Presented are the only studies that included more than five patients with ODP-M that were treated using a uniform PPV technique. PPV pars plana vitrectomy, ODP-M optic disc pit maculopathy, PVD induction of posterior vitreous detachment, laser laser photocoagulation temporal to disc, gas gas tamponade, ILMP internal limiting membrane peeling and VA visual acuity.