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Fig. 1

From: Multimodal imaging documentation of rapid evolution of retinal changes in handheld laser-induced maculopathy

Fig. 1

Funduscopic findings at presentation as documented via multimodal imaging. a Color photograph of the right eye taken 1 day after the injury shows sharply demarcated, “excavated” green-grey lesions with yellow borders situated in a vertical-oblique fashion in the central macula. b Fundus autofluorescence taken 1 day after the injury shows central hyperfluorescence of the lesions with a thin surrounding rim of hyperautofluorescence. c Spectral domain optical coherence tomography images of three different sections taken 1 day after the injury show curvilinear bands of dense hyperreflectivity that extend from the interdigitation layer and ellipsoid zone of the photoreceptors upwards, ending at the level of the outer plexiform layer. The hyperreflective lesions appear to follow the Henle fibers. There are small hyporeflective cavities beneath the fovea. d Fluorescein angiography taken 1 day after the injury shows hyperfluorescence of the lesions with minimal leakage. An additional satellite lesion, not detected with color photos and autofluorescence, is evident nasal to the fovea. e Photograph of the device used in the injury with a magnified view (inset) of its label

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