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Table 1 Handheld laser pointer optical power measurements and safety reclassification

From: Multimodal imaging documentation of rapid evolution of retinal changes in handheld laser-induced maculopathy

Wavelength (nm)   
Device specification 650 ± 10  
Center wavelength (FWHM) 663 (661–664)  
Optical power (mW) Original batteries (mW) New batteries
Device specification <5 <5 mW
Newport 1918-R 85 102.5
Thorlabs PM100 90 105
Safety classification   Required precaution(s)
Device specification Class IIIa “Caution” warning label on device
Measured Class IIIBb Necessary safety components: key switch, a safety interlock dongle, a power indicator, an aperture shutter, and an emission delay
  1. FWHM full width at half maximum, nm nanometer, mW microWatt
  2. aAlso referred to as Class IIIA (ANSI Z136.1) or 3R (IEC 60825-1)
  3. bAlso referred to as Class IIIB (ANSI Z136.1) or 3B (IEC 60825-1)