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Fig. 3

From: Safe dose of intravitreal imatinib and its effect on laser-induced choroidal neovascularization: a rat-model experiment

Fig. 3

Choroidal neovascularization in histopathological sections and mean CNV area in treatment and control eyes. Note the presence of choroidal neovacular tissue (green asterisk) 4 weeks after 40 µg of IVI (a), with no significant difference from what is seen in a BSS-injected (b) eye (hematoxylin and eosin, magnification ×200). c The mean CNV area in the control and treatment groups was 258,836 µm2 ± 58,882 (median 247,946 µm2) and 277,401 µm2 ± 215,283 (median 236,262 µm2) respectively. The difference was not statistically significant (p = 0.499, based on the Mann–Whitney test). IVI intravitreal imatinib, BSS balanced salt solution, CNV choroidal neovascularization

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