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Fig. 11

From: Vitreoretinal instruments: vitrectomy cutters, endoillumination and wide-angle viewing systems

Fig. 11

Figure courtesy of DORC International

Vacuflow VTI (Valve Timing Intelligence). The EVA cartridge contains two small flow chambers (6 ml), which volumes are controlled by computer-based pistons, valves and high-sensitivity pressure sensors located on the EVA platform (a). Sequence: b At the start of the sequence both chambers of the cartridge are compressed and the valves are closed. c When there is a demand to generate aspiration flow the port valve opens and the lower chamber expands. Due to this expansion the fluid will be drawn into the fluid displacement chamber, resulting in aspiration flow. The speed of the expansion determines the amount of aspiration flow: higher speeds will achieve higher flow rates. The associated pressure is measured with the chamber pressure sensor. Meanwhile the fluidics system creates an identical pressure in the upper chamber by expanding the upper chamber and keeps this equal to the pressure of the bottom chamber. d As soon as the lower chamber is fully expanded the shut off valve opens. At this point the pressure in both chambers are identical, eliminating pressure pulsations in the aspiration line. e From this point the lower chamber is being compressed in order to empty the chamber, while the upper chamber is being further expanded. The expansion of the upper chamber is faster than the bottom chamber due to the fact that it must generate aspiration flow and displace the fluid from the lower chamber into the upper chamber. f Once the lower chamber is fully compressed the shut off valve closes and the lower chamber expands to generate the aspiration flow. Meanwhile the waste bag valve opens and the fluid in the top chamber is compressed emptying it into the waste bag. g As soon as the upper chamber is emptied into the waste bag it expands to create a pressure similar to the lower chamber. Once the lower chamber is fully expanded the cycle repeats.

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