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Table 2 Non-contact wide field viewing systems

From: Vitreoretinal instruments: vitrectomy cutters, endoillumination and wide-angle viewing systems

System Manufacturer Approximate maximum field of view (°)
BIOM (HD disposable lens) Oculus 130
OFFSIS 120 D Topcon 130
Merlin wide angle lens Volk Optical 120
Resight 128 D lens Carl Zeiss 120
PWL 132 D lens Ocular 130
EIBOS 2 (132D) Moller-Wedel Haag-Streit 124
  1. BIOM binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy microscopy, OFFSIS optic fiber free intravitreal surgery system, PWL Peyman–Wessels–Landers upright vitrectomy lens