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Table 3 societal costs associated with ranibizumab therapy for neovascular age-related macular degeneration

From: The comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ranibizumab for neovascular macular degeneration revisited

Parameter Cost
Direct ophthalmic medical costs  
 Ranibizumab therapy (81.3% bilateral) $79,056
Direct non-ophthalmic medical costs
 Injury reduction (−$664)
 Depression reduction (−$2543)
 SNF cost decrease (−$4100)
 Unexplained medical cost decrease (−$28,598)
 Nursing home (−$19,069)
 Total offsetting costs (−$54,974)
 Total direct medical costs $24,082
Direct non-medical costs
 Paid caregiver salariesa (−$82,419)
 Salary gain for freed-up caregivers now able to take up gainful employment (−$215,123)
 Total direct non-medical costs (−$297,542)
Indirect medical costs
 Mean patient wage gain (−$9057)
 Total societal costs (−$282,517)
  1. All costs in 2015 U.S. real dollars, SNF skilled nursing facility
  2. aAs per Schmier et al. [22], 27.7% of caregiver costs are paid