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Fig. 3

From: Macular edema is a rare finding in untreated vitreoretinal lymphoma: small case series and review of the literature

Fig. 3

Fundus photographs, FA, and OCT of eye with radiation retinopathy and fellow eye in a patient with history of WBRT and chemotherapy (patient 3). Diffuse macular edema in both eyes, right eye due to radiation retinopathy, in patient with a secondary VRL with a history of WBRT and chemotherapy and no intraocular procedures (patient 3). The fundus examination showed cotton wool spots (long arrow) and intraretinal hemorrhage (short arrow) in the right eye (a1) as well as an intraretinal infiltrate superotemporal to the macula (b1a, b), which could be the cause of the ME of this eye (eye without signs of RR). The OCT was negative for ME in the right eye (a2) and showed an extrafoveal diffuse ME in the left eye (b2). However, the FA presented a diffuse ME in both eyes, grade 1 in right eye and grade 3 in left eye (a3, b3)

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