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Table 1 Systemic history of patients studied

From: Macular edema is a rare finding in untreated vitreoretinal lymphoma: small case series and review of the literature

Patient Sex Systemic disease VRL type CNS type Age at CNS-L dx CT as only ttx CT previous WBRT Latency from CT to WBRT WBRT cGY Latency from WBRT to VRL Post CT Last dose of CT CT in VRL dx CNS involves. at VRL dx
1 M No S CNS-L 50 HD-MTX 2 months Brain ON 3600 Brain 2520 ON 8 months No 10 months No Yes
2 F No P CNS-L 72 No No
3 F HBP S CNS-L 65 CHOP 2 months Yes ? 36 months No 29 months No No
4 M Spindle cell sarcoma S DLCB 58 CHOP ? Yes ? 132 months MTX RT
Yes No
5 M Steven Johnson S CNS-L 63 CHOP, RT 10 months Yes ? 16 months No 27 months No Yes
6 F HBP; Breast cancer S CNS-L 67 HD-MTX 3 months No Yes
Yes Yes
8 F HBP;DSL;HA; prostate cancer P CNS-L 73 Steroids Yes Yes
9 M HA S CNS-L 79 CHOP MTX 36 months No Yes
  1. The dose and tissue irradiated was only known in one patient because the other patients were treated outside Mayo Clinic, and no reports were available
  2. HBP high blood pressure, DSL dyslipidemia, HA heart attack, P primary, S secondary, CNS-L central nervous system lymphoma, DX diagnosis, TTx treatment, CT chemotherapy, HD-MTX high-dose methotrexate, MTX methotrexate, RT rituximab, T temozolomide, CHOP cyclophosphamide plus hydroxydaunorubicin plus vincristine plus prednisone, ICE ifosfamide plus carboplatin plus etoposide, WBRT whole-brain radiotherapy