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Fig. 1

From: Optical coherence tomography findings in methanol toxicity

Fig. 1

Findings at presentation. External color photograph demonstrating an inferonasal iris coloboma in the right eye (a) and a normal iris configuration in the left eye (b). Color fundus photograph demonstrating an inferonasal chorioretinal coloboma of the right eye (c) and a normal appearing fundus in the left eye (d). Optic disc photograph of the right eye shows an anomalous appearing disc with mild tilting and peripapillary atrophy (e). The optic disc photograph of the left eye showed subtle temporal optic disc pallor (f). Humphrey visual fields 30-2 of the right eye (h) and left eye (g) showed central depression. SD-OCT of the macula and nerve of the right eye (i) and left eye (J) were unremarkable. SD-OCT RNFL showed artifact inferiorly in the right eye consistent with the coloboma and showed normal thickness and contour in the left eye (k). The SD-OCT GCL analysis showed thickening in the inferonasal macula secondary to artifact in the right eye and mild thinning in the nasal macula in the left eye (l)

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