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Table 1 Advantages of 3D system for retinal detachment surgery

From: Heads-up 3D vision system for retinal detachment surgery

Illumination Digital enhancement of the image, lower illumination levels and, thus, reduced risk of phototoxicity
Depth of field Enhance depth of field and amplified stereopsis allows better wider view since multiple planes are contemporary in focus
HDRi Reduced glare of the instruments and even image brightness
Digital filtering Filters enable the surgeon to have a better view of intraocular structures (e.g. green filter for vitreous or blood)
Education Surgical team has the same view of the surgeon
ergonomics Surgeon maintains an heads up position with a less rigid and more comfortable posture
Less asthenopia Viewing through the eyepiece for a long time may induce asthenopia due to concentration and prolonged accommodation. Since 3D systems does not require near vision, it may reduce asthenopia
  1. 3D three-dimensional; HDRI high dynamic range imaging