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Fig. 3 | International Journal of Retina and Vitreous

Fig. 3

From: Multicolor imaging in choroidal osteomas

Fig. 3

Multimodal imaging in case 5 with total decalcified choroidal osteoma. a CF showing a greyish white area inferotemporal to the optic nerve head (ONH) with RPE atrophy and prominent visible underlying choroidal vessels. b FAF showing areas of hypo AF suggestive of total RPE atrophy. c High bone density noted on USG b-scan. d Radial OCT scan passing vertically through the lesion shows disrupted RPE inferotemporal to the ONH with intraretinal fluid. e MC image shows orange discoloration at the posterior pole with bright orange area noted inferotemporal to the ONH suggestive of RPE atrophy overlying the choroidal osteoma. f Infrared reflectance shows white areas at the posterior pole and bright white area corresponding to the bright orange area noted on MC image suggestive of RPE atrophy. g, h Minimally white areas are noted in both green and blue reflectance images

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