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Fig. 4 | International Journal of Retina and Vitreous

Fig. 4

From: Multicolor imaging in choroidal osteomas

Fig. 4

Multimodal imaging of a partly decalcified choroidal osteoma in the RE of case 6. a CF image of the RE showing CO lesion at the posterior pole with presence of CNV and subretinal hemorrhage. b High bone density noted on USG b-scan. c Horizontal radial OCT scan passing thru’ the macula demonstrating the presence of disrupted RPE with CNV and intraretinal fluid. d MC image shows green areas superior and temporal to the ONH suggestive of calcified CO. e Infrared reflectance showing dark areas corresponding to the calcifies areas of CO (blue arrows). Area of hyperreflectance is noted at the macula suggestive of CNV (white arrow). g, h Green and blue reflectance images shows bright white area corresponding to the CNV at the posterior pole while dark area is noted at the edge of CNV suggestive of hemorrhage (red arrow)

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