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Table 1 Demographic and clinical findings in patients with choroidal osteoma

From: Multicolor imaging in choroidal osteomas

Patient Involved eye Age Symptoms VA Clinical examination Treatment
Tumour color Foveal involvement Type Associated ocular findings
1 RE 23/M None 20/20 Orange Yes C MNF Observation
2 LE 22/M BOV 20/400 Orange Yes C FCE Observation
3 LE 16/M BOV 20/30 Yellow Yes DC Nil Observation
4 RE 41/F BOV 20/20 Yellowish orange Yes C Nil Observation
  LE 41/F BOV 20/400 Greyish white Yes DC FCE, CNV IV Anti-VEGF
5 RE 40/M Metamorphosia 20/80 Greyish white Yes DC FCE, CNV IV Anti-VEGF
6 RE 37/F BOV 20/60 Yellowish orange with white areas in the macula Yes PD CNV IV Anti-VEGF
7 LE 36/M None 20/20 Orange No C Nil Observation
8 LE 18/F BOV < 20/400 Yellowish orange with fresh SRH No PD CNV IV Anti-VEGF
9 RE 19/F BOV 20/60 Greyish-white with yellowish pigmentation noted at the macula Yes PD FCE Observation
10 LE 44/F BOV 20/30 Yellowish orange Yes PD Scarred CNV Observation
  1. VA visual acuity, RE right eye, LE left eye, M male, F female, BOV blurring of vision, SRH sub retinal hemorrhage, C calcified, PD partly decalcified, DC decalcified, MNF myelinated nerve fibre, FCE focal choroidal excavation, CNV choroidal neovascular membrane, VEGF vascular endothelial growth factor