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Table 2 GEE results for the effect and significance of age and DR severity on FD % in the regions studied

From: Topographic analysis of macular choriocapillaris flow deficits in diabetic retinopathy using swept–source optical coherence tomography angiography

RegionAge coefficient (std error)P valueDR severity coefficient (std error)P valueα correlation
Inner0.12 (0.03)< 0.0010.65 (0.25)0.00870.29
Middle0.09 (0.02)< 0.0010.56 (0.17)0.00120.29
Outer0.05 (0.01)< 0.0010.33 (0.11)0.00450.35
Full0.06 (0.01)< 0.0010.36 (0.12)0.00180.32
  1. Coefficient is the average increase in FD % for a one unit increase in the covariate (age or DR severity) while controlling for other covariates. The α correlation values are non-zero, showing correlation between eyes of the same subject