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Table 1 Reported reductions in surgical tray instrumentation from selected studies

From: Reducing instruments in a vitrectomy surgical tray: cost savings and results from a major academic hospital

StudySurgical FieldPercent Instrument Reduction (%)
Byrnes 2017 [7]Gynecology28.4
Chin 2014 [1]Otolaryngology57
Farrelly 2017 [6]Pediatric surgery39.5 (General)
10.1 (Urology)
17.1 (Orthopedics)
92.7 (Spine)
32.3 (Neurosurgery)
Farrokhi 2015 [2]Minimally invasive spinal surgery70
John-Baptiste 2016 [5]Otolaryngology56.4
Nast 2019 [8]Pediatric urology38
Wannemuehler 2015 [3]Otolaryngology54