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Table 2 Instruments included in standard and reduced instrument vitrectomy trays

From: Reducing instruments in a vitrectomy surgical tray: cost savings and results from a major academic hospital

Standard large vitrectomy tray (n = 64)Newly created reduced vitrectomy tray (n = 7)
Westcott tenotomy scissor, curved blunt2Lieberman, open wire, angled, 45-degree speculum1
Vannas scissors, curved1Scleral depressor1
Corneal scissors, left1Castroviejo suturing forceps 0.31
Corneal scissors, right1Straight stevens scissors1
Plug holder425 G aspirating canula1
19G cannula BSS2Plug holder2
Castroviejo caliper, straight1  
Scleral depressor1  
Beaver knife handle2  
Bipolar cautery forceps1  
Bishop harmon forceps with teeth2  
Bishop harmon forceps without teeth2  
Titanium tyer, short1  
Titanium tyer, long1  
Tyer, harms2  
Bonaccolto forceps2  
Colibri forceps1  
Cross action forceps1  
Bonn suturing forceps2  
Castroviejo fine suturing forceps 0.122  
Castroviejo suturing forceps 0.32  
Nugent forceps2  
Retaining nut for blackflush1  
Gass retinal hook with hole4  
Muscle hook1  
Sinskey hook1  
Kuglen hook1  
Cyclodialysis spatula1  
Scleral marker1  
Knife handle #3, 5″1  
Short schepens orbital retractor1  
Curved stevens tenotomy scissors1  
Straight stevens scissors1  
Straight, sharp stevens scissors1  
Iris scissors1  
Wire speculum2  
Straight, locking, micro Barraquer needleholder2  
Non-locking, micro Barraquer needleholder1  
Locking needleholder2  
Lieberman, open wire, angled, 45-degree speculum1  
25 G blunt canula1  
Lieberman aspirating speculum with silicone tubing1