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Table 1 Surgical characteristics of study participants

From: Intraoperative optical coherence tomographic findings in patients undergoing subretinal gene therapy surgery

Subretinal pre-bleb procedure
 Performed13 (68)
 Not-performed6 (32)
Medication injected as read from the injection syringe, vol. (µl)
 Mean (standard deviation)220.52 (132.80)
Subretinal bleb location
 Superior temporal16 (84)
 Nasal1 (5)
 Temporal2 (11)
Subretinal bleb shape
 Symmetric4 (21)
 Asymmetric15 (79)
Subretinal bleb with macular detachment
 Present17 (89)
 Not-Present2 (11)
Needle tip
 Sharp10 (53)
 Blunted9 (47)
Method of medication delivery
 Automatic11 (58)
 Manual8 (42)
  1. Data are no. (%) unless otherwise indicated