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Table 2 Intraoperative OCT characteristics and findings

From: Intraoperative optical coherence tomographic findings in patients undergoing subretinal gene therapy surgery

iOCT display
 Grey scale6 (32)
 Color scale13 (68)
Needle indentation immediately before bleb creation
 No visible indentation3 (16)
 Partial indentation6 (31)
 Full indentation10 (53)
Directional reflectivity
 Present9 (47)
 Absent10 (53)
Subretinal air bubble
 Absent9 (47)
 Occluding retinotomy7 (37)
 Not occluding retinotomy3 (16)
Open retinotomy
 Identified14 (74)
 Not identified5 (26)
Medication reflux
 Identified2 (11)
 Not identified17 (89)
  1. iOCT intraoperative OCT
  2. Data are no. (%) unless otherwise indicated