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Table 3 Review of studies evaluating anterior chamber changes following pars plana vitrectomy

From: Changes in anterior segment optical coherence tomography following pars plana vitrectomy without tamponade

Author, Year Design No. of eyes Surgery F/U (m) Modality of measurement Anterior chamber parameters
Tuklo, 2020 Prospective case series 88 complete PPV(44) and partial PPV(44) 3 Pentacam ACD increased significantly in c-PPV but this increase was not significant in the p-PPV group
ICA increased significantly in the c-PPV group but decreased in the p-PPV group
No significant change in AL in each group
Ghomi, 2017 Prospective case series 7 PPV ± tamponade 6 UBM ACD, CBD, CBW, AC angle did not change
LAP was increased (3.9 vs. 4.1; p = 0.04)
Huang, 2016 Prospective case series 238 PPV + tamponade 12 SD-OCT AL did not change
ACD was decreased (3.07, 2.97, and 3.02 at preop, 6 months, and 12 months; p < 0.05)
Li, 2013 Prospective case series 29 Isolated PPV 3 A-scan In PPV for vitreous hemorrhage: no change in ACD occurred
In PPV for ERM: ACD was deeper compared to control eyes at pre-op and 1 week (p < 0.01), but there was no difference at 1 month and 3 months
Calik, 2013 Prospective cohort 44 PPV + SO (22) and PPV (22) 1 Pentacam ACV and ACA did not change
ACD was decreased in SO group (2.9 vs. 2.4; p < 0.05) while increased in sole PPV group (2.6 vs. 2.7; p < 0.05)
Neudorfer, 2011 Prospective cohort 28 Isolated PPV (13) and PPV + gas (15) 2 days UBM LAP did not significantly change
ACD was decreased in gas group (3.1 vs. 2.7; p < 0.01) but not in isolated PPV group
Marigo, 2006 Prospective case series 20 Isolated PPV 3 UBM ACD, AOD500, TCD, CBT, and SST did not change
  1. ACA anterior chamber angular width, ACD anterior chamber depth, AL axial length, AOD angle opening distance, CBD ciliary body depth, CBW ciliary body width, CBT ciliary body thickness, ICA iridocorneal angle, ERM epiretinal membrane, LAP lens anterior posterior diameter, PPV pars plana vitrectomy, c-PPV complete PPV, p_PPV Partial PPV, SO silicone oil, SST supra ciliary thickness, TCD trabeculocilliary distance, UBM ultrasound biomicroscopy