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Table 3 Final 17-item Adherence Barriers Questionnaire for IVT (translated to English)

From: Questionnaire for the assessment of adherence barriers of intravitreal therapy: the ABQ-IVT

N Item phrasing Abbreviation
1 "I generally feel well informed about the treatment of my eye disease" ‘Information’
3 "I trust my eye doctor(s)" ‘Trust in physician’
4 "My eye doctor includes me in decisions about the course of treatment" ‘Shared decision making’
6 "I often feel uncomfortable in the doctor's office ‘Discomfort in doctor's office’
7 "Sometimes I am unsure whether the eye injections are indeed necessary" ‘Belief in need of therapy’
10 "I am dissatisfied with my current care/treatment" ‘Unsatisfaction’
12 "Generally, I often feel downcast and sometimes discouraged and depressed" ‘Depression’
14 "My injection treatments are tied to substantial costs for me" ‘Cost of treatment’
15 "I am afraid of the IV treatments and/or the side effects" ‘Side effects’
17 "Attending eye doctor appointments poses a high time burden (journey/waiting times) for me and/or my relatives" ‘Time commitment’
18 "Attending eye doctor appointments poses a high financial burden (e.g. travel costs/absenteeism) for me and/or my relatives" ‘Travel/opportunity costs’
19 "Especially doctor's appointments which require an accompanying person pose a challenge" ‘Challenge accompanying person’
20 "I am worried about being a burden to my family/relatives and to have to ask for help" ‘Burden for family members’
21 "I would need help on a daily basis (particularly in context of healthcare). However, I do not receive any" ‘Lack of support’
22 "Apart from my eye condition I experience other conditions which hampers my attendance to appointments" ‘Comorbidity’
23 "I have private/professional duties which are hardly compatible with the treatment of my eye disease" ‘Private/professional obligations’
24 "Due to my old age, I am unsure whether the efforts associated with my IV treatment are worth it" ‘Too old for therapy to be worthwhile’