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Fig. 2

From: Macular edema is a rare finding in untreated vitreoretinal lymphoma: small case series and review of the literature

Fig. 2

Fundus photograph, FA, and OCT showing diffuse macular edema in a patient with radiation retinopathy and a history of WBRT, CT, and PPV (patient 1). Diffuse macular edema in right eye due to radiation retinopathy in patient with primary VRL with a history of WBRT and chemotherapy and pars plana vitrectomy (patient 1). The fundus examination showed 3+ cells in the vitreous, macular edema and hard exudates nasal to the fovea (line with dashes), and peripheral subretinal mottling and vessels sheathing 360° (a). The FA presented extrafoveal diffuse macular edema grade 1 (b) and diffuse extrafoveal edema by OCT (C1, 2)

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