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Table 1 Comparison of published cases of small retinoblastomas documenting tumor detection, regression, or recurrence by optical coherence tomography

From: Submillimeter retinoblastoma monitoring following transpupillary thermotherapy using hand-held optical coherence tomography

Authors Patient demographics OCT findings
Tumor diameter (mm) Tumor thickness (µm) Distance from foveola (mm) Distance from optic nerve (mm) Descriptions Machine
Cao et al. [3] 33-month-old male 8.0 (6.5)a 4000 (2200)a 0.0 (0.2)a Unspecified (0.0)a Exophytic mass draped by normal retina iVue Optovue with iStand
9-month-old female 12.0 (8.0)a 6300 (3000)a 0.0 (0.5)a Unspecified (3.5)a Exophytic mass draped by normal retina
7-month-old male 11.0 (6.0)a 4000 (2600)a 0.0 (0.0)a Unspecified (2.5)a Exophytic mass draped by normal retina
Saktanasate et al. [4] 2-month-old male Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Ovoid; Outer nuclear layer iVue Optovue
Berry et al. [5] 7-week-old male Unspecified (3 tumors) Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Dome-shaped; Outer nuclear, outer plexiform, and inner nuclear layers InVivoVue, Bioptigen
Park et al. [6] 3-week-old female 2.10 639 1.85 Unspecified Dome-shaped; Outer nuclear layerb iVue Optovue
Soliman et al. [7] Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Ovoidb; Inner nuclear layer Bioptigen Envisu C2200/C2300
Yarovaya et al. [8] 3-week-old female 2.75 792 0.62 Unspecified Dome-shapedb; Outer retinal layerb iVue Optovue
Current report 3-week-old male 1.51 372 6.0 9.0 Dome-shaped; Inner retinal layer iVue Optovue
  1. Reports from peer-reviewed journals in 2014-17 were included
  2. aDimensions were re-measured after therapy
  3. bPer our interpretation of the published images