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Table 1 Comparable baseline demographics between the normal subjects and staphyloma subjects

From: Choroidal thickness measured with swept source optical coherence tomography in posterior staphyloma strongly correlates with axial length and visual acuity

Parameters Normal subjects (86 eyes) Staphyloma subjects (37 eyes)
 Mean 40.28 years 45.68 years
 Median 36 years 46 years
 Range 21–70 years 14–79 years
LogMAR BCVA 0.0–0.1 0–1.3
Axial length (in mm) 21.79–23.89 25.12–33.82
Sex ratio (male:female) 20:23 9:11
Race Asian—13 Asian—3
Caucasian—18 Caucasian—10
African American—12 African American—7
  1. BCVA best corrected visual acuity