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Table 3 Indications and surgical procedures performed

From: Reducing instruments in a vitrectomy surgical tray: cost savings and results from a major academic hospital

Primary indication for pars plana vitrectomyQuantityIntraoperative procedures performedQuantity
Tractional retinal detachment9023 g PPV183
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment2525 g PPV5
Epiretinal membrane3220 g PPV1
Vitreous hemorrhage (± retinal hole or tear)14Membrane peel162
Macular hole14Endolaser112
Dislocated/retained lens fragments7Air/gas fluid exchange104
Silicone oil removal4C3F8 instillation32
Uveitis with vitreous debris1Silicone oil instillation/removal22
Endophthalmitis2Subtenon’s steroid injection15