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Table 2 Investigational drugs targeting Tie2 pathway

From: The Tie2 signaling pathway in retinal vascular diseases: a novel therapeutic target in the eye

  AXT107 Faricimab Razuprotafib Nesvacumab
Sponsors AsclepiX Roche Aerpio Regeneron
Structure Peptide Bispecific antibody Small molecule Monoclonal antibody
Biological effect Inhibit VEGFR-A/-C
Activate Tie2
Inhibit VEGFR-A and Ang-2 Activate Tie2 Inhibit Ang-2
Molecular weight (kDa) 2.357 150 0.587 144.9
Route and Dose frequency IVT every 6-12 months IVT every 3-4 months Subcutenous twice a day IVT every 4 weeks
Development status IND filing late 2020 for DME, nAMD and RVO Phase 3 underway for nAMD and DME Phase 2 for DME completed Development terminated