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Table 1 Range of cut rates and aspiration pressures for the vitrectomy systems, S4 (Geuder, Germany), Stellaris® PC (Bausch & Lomb), Constellation® Vision System (Alcon), EVA (DORC, The Netherlands)

From: Comparison of modern high-speed vitrectomy systems and the advantages of using dual-bladed probes

  Stellaris PC Bausch & Lomb Constellation vision system ALCON Megatron S4 Geuder Eva D.O.R.C.
Maximum Cut rate (cuts/min) 5000 5000 (20G), 7500 (23G) 2500 (20G), 6000 (23G) 8000
Maximum Aspiration Pressure (mmHg) 600 650 600 680