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Table 2 Data of patients who underwent PPV without an encircling scleral band

From: Pars plana vitrectomy with/without encircling scleral band for treatment of retinal detachment associated with buphthalmos

Patients Age (years) Preoperative visual acuity Lens status Retinal tear Final retinal status SOR Corneal status Postoperative visual acuity
1 10 PL Phakic Multiple Attached No Clear NPL
2 8 PL Phakic GT Total RD No Band keratopathy HM
3 6 HM Cataractous Undetected Attached No Clear 1/60
4 16 PL Cataractous Single Attached No Clear PL
5 10 HM Aphakic GT Attached No Clear 1/60
6 11 HM Cataractous Multiple Attached Yes Clear HM
7 4 PL Pseudophakic Undetected Total RD No Band keratopathy NPL
8 3 HM Phakic GT Attached No Clear HM
9 10 CF Phakic Multiple attached No Clear 2/60
10 9 PL Subluxated Single Subtotal RD No Band keratopathy NPL
11 4 HM Pseudophakic Undetected Attached No Clear 1/60
  1. CF counting fingers, GT giant tear, HM hand movement, PL perception of light, NPL no perception of light, RD retinal detachment, SOR silicone oil removal